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Whether you are a man or woman looking to increase lean muscle or lose weight

 we have classes that challenge you with a comprehensive approach to achieve your goals.


Film your workout from anywhere in the world and our expert trainers will provide feedback! We create a comprehensive workout plan or a day to day plan no matter where you are in the world. We create a workout if you are at work, home gym, hotel, neighborhood park, pool etc, we are a phone call away!


Training, nutrition, and physical therapy services to increase your speed, power and explosiveness. Our techniques help you succeed and take your game to the next level!


Personalized training plan to keep you functional and fit and exceed your expectations

Here at Phenom we have discovered training methods that apply science, exceeds your expectations and most importantly help you achieve your lifetime goals. We believe in a detailed assessment to determine how we can help you. Our approach focuses on several areas, mobility, stability, strength, posture and if applicable explosive training. 
We provide a customized exercise plan including resistance training, strength and endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning, functional exercise, stability training and proprioceptive training. We offer nutritional support and meal planning. This includes personalized menus and meal options, healthy shopping lists, nutrition breakdowns for different food types and recipes for healthy eating based on your unique weight-loss goals and recommended caloric intake. Since proper nutrition is 75-80% of accomplishing any and all fitness goals Lucas James personal training has several options for you to choose from to customize your meal plan and maximize your results.
Whether at home or on vacation, certified personal trainer Lucas James brings the gym to you. We utilize various mobile training equipment including bosu-balls, stability ‘swiss’ balls, medicine balls, free weight dumb-bells, jump ropes and more to create variable circuit training sets that will challenge your mind and your body to heighten your endurance and promote peak muscle growth and body toning.

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