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Since our establishment in 2011, Phenom Strength & Conditioning has been one of the top gyms in Ashburn, having helped countless members find solutions to their fitness challenges. Still have your doubts? Read on to learn what our customers have to say about their experiences working out with us.

Simply excellent, no slacking, no games. You get an evaluation so they have a pretty good idea about your needs and they work with you and push you. Love it!

Love this place. They have educated and dedicated trainers that will work with you to achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be.

Casie Griffith

I just joined PSC few months ago. The fun and professional trainers make me feel like I am family and I am always greeted with a smile. I really appreciate the unwavering dedication, availability and support in achieving my healthy lifestyle goals. This is a stand out gym that cares about making you a better you! Thank you for helping me change my life!

Jodi Gerrish

Firstly, Thanks to the staff at Phenom. They all took time to demonstrate proper technique,discuss goals, and educate me on proper nutrition that was suitable for my needs and current lifestyle. Most gyms just want your money and really dont monitor or care about your fitness and health.
I knew this was the right place for me when I slacked off for about a month and I get a text from Lamar telling me to "get back in here". He went on to say, we will work out all the details but your health is a priority and I dont want to see your health decline for the sake of your wife and kids. If youre looking for a place that will give as much attention needed to make you a healthier and happier human being, Phenom is the place. I challenge you to simply TRY IT ! Whats the worse thing that can happen, you lose weight, get stronger,gain confidence,think clearer and be a better role model for friends,neighbors, and family?
Like Nike says.........Just do it !

Stephen Arnold

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